Welcome to DrTemeika.com!

Hey Y'all!

Thanks for visiting my new blog. I created DrTemeika.com to be a real voice for women; to lead an informed, open dialogue about the issues affecting women's health; and to provide women with clear and easily understood spiritual, physical, and emotional health information. 

Hmmm...what does all this mean?

Glad you asked...

In short, we are gonna talk about the things that affect our health and well-being as women. Some days, we will talk about the science/medicine...but not like scientist or docs. We will try to avoid using big scientific words and when we can't, we will try to define or explain what these words mean. Some days, we will talk about our emotional health...in a real, open, honest, and loving way...without judgement. On other days, we will talk about our spiritual health...not necessarily like preachers :-). I am a Christian and a preacher...just so you know. But I am also VERY human...so you should expect some flaws and transparency. Most importantly though, I am conscious that our spiritual well-being is a HUGE part of our overall health. 

I am very excited about this new project and I look forward to your comments and thoughts!

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