GROWN WOMAN WISDOM: Things I learned growing up!!

It is the eve of my birthday and I wanted to share some GROWN WOMAN WISDOM with y'all since this is my birthday eve.  This is a few things that I learned growing up... 

10. Figure out who you are before you go trying to change stuff about yourself! Part b...figure out what you like before you let somebody else tell you what to like! You got a mind of your own...use it. OMG...if I knew at 25 what I know out world.

9. The love that you can't give yourself should not be given to anyone else. There is absolutely no way for us to love others before or in lieu of loving ourselves. This thing that we end up giving not REALLY love. It is just a shell that eventually gets crushed.

8. Keeping SECRETS Sucks. Other then surprise parties, secrets almost never end well, usually cause bondage, are connected to pain, and come with guilt. Some things just need to be exposed, some secrets just need to be told. 

7. I am responsible for me too. Although I've give myself away and sacrificed a lot for the sake of others, God is still holding me responsible for my own life. I have a responsibility to live, grow, and become who I was created to be. God will ask me about this at His pearly gates; and I want to give the right answer.

6. Not everyBODY that you meet is meant to be in your life forever or even for a moment. Like the song says, "You gotta know when to hold em...know when to fold em...know when to walk away...know when to run".

5. Don't think more highly of yourself than you ought to, BUT don't think less than you ought to either. Self confidence wears like a tailored suit. If you don't have enough, the suit sags in places that should be full and fitted...making you look weird. If you have too end up popping buttons, ripping seams...and looking stuffed and full of yourself! Not cute at all!

4. a state of own mind. This probably sounds so obvious, but trust me, some of us are just now figuring it out. In a society where we are constantly being TOLD what to think about everything, including how we look and feel about how we look, it is sometimes hard to remember...that we have a mind of our own.

3. Wonder Woman was invented by some guy at DC comics, Superwoman was too. Being a "woman", without the 'super' or 'wonder' is enough work all by itself. God only expects me to be me; not a superhero.

2. "No" is probably the most powerful, the most sexy, the most dynamic word in a woman's vocabulary...when used appropriately ;-). Learning when and how to use this word was essential to my livelihood...REAL TALK.

and finally...

1. Can't NOBODY...and I mean me...better than I can. I am unique and special in God's eyes AND in my own eyes. I'm not competing with anyone else for the job of being Temeika. Besides, even if I was...I'm a beast...they couldn't take me.

Love Y'all and Happy Birthday to ME!
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