Body image...and heart break...

A few weeks ago
I committed to talking about this...thing
this...topic that most women deal with
whether tall and slender or short and curvy
we all deal with the issue of body image
the issue of how we look
first to ourselves
then to others
most of it is...imaginary
a special kind of torment 
often built on false perceptions
and broken hearts...

why broken hearts? 
well, when God created us
He thought that we were "good"
to Him we were his perfect and individual creation
so he didn't change us
didn't give us a skinnier nose
didn't give us bigger calf muscles
left us with long feet, but stubby toes
because to Him...we were "good"
we were His unique creation
so He rested after making us

I can imagine that His heart is broken every time we look at ourselves 
and wish that we were something or someone else
wishing that our hips were bigger
that our freckles were smaller
binding our feet with smaller shoes because being a size 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12
is just not "in" right now

I can imagine that God's heart is broken every time a young girl...or even an old woman 
hangs her head in shame because the body, hair, skin, or smile that He gave her
are not "good" enough
not like everybody else's
somehow suggesting that being different or unique
is a curse instead of a blessing

When I think about it
about my part in it
in the heartbreak
I am compelled to change
to work on me
to be naked in every way
yet not ashamed of God's creation
not ashamed of His labor of love
not ashamed of me.

Love you  too!
Be well ladies!
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