Iron Girl 2013: Rome really wasn't built in a day!

"Rome was not built in a day". Today, my triathlon coach, Brian said these words to me. He said them to me because he saw me growing frustrated with the fact that I was not a master swimmer after one week of lessons.

...Hi, my name is Temeika and I am competitive. There, I said it.

I'm so not used to coming in last. I'm certainly not used to being the only one who doesn't know how to do matter what it is. So, being on the triathlon team with runners, swimmers, and definitely an up hill challenge for me. I am new to all three sports. UGGH!

When Brian walked over to the edge of the pool where I was struggling to finish a lap with the kick-board, my team mates were racing in the lanes next to me. At that point I was wanting to cry, pack up my little red wagon, and go home.

Then he said those words, "...stay with it Temeika; Rome wasn't built in a day".

Yep, the same words that I had been telling myself for the past 6 months as I worked my way back into the gym and an active lifestyle. I thought that I was over it. I thought that I had mastered the mental battle of competition and comparison.


But I was doing it again...comparing myself to others.
Comparing my present state and progress to others...fellow teammates and even random other swimmers in the pool. I was allowing my competitive nature to push me and my body too fast.
This my friends, is how injuries happen...especially when your body refuses to operate at the break-neck pace that your mind has conjured up. 

I'm actually grateful that Brian reminded me of Rome, reminded me to take my time and learn the right way to swim; reminded me to cut myself some slack; reminded me to enjoy the journey.

So...I'm back on track; running my own race in my own lane. I'm on my way to the Iron Girl 2013.

Love you much ladies!

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