Iron Girl 2013: I know my body, I know where she has been, and I respect her!

This was a good triathlon training week for me. I had a few great accomplishments that I am really excited about. I completed my first bike/run brick workout...running 1.3 miles without stopping after having been on the bike for 40 minutes doing intervals. I learned about my running cadence and form. I also had a great swimming week, overcoming some muscle stress in my shoulder and neck. I stuck with it and am now pain free. I learned a few new things in the to relax and to stay on top of the water while swimming. I got a bike this week and most of the riding gear. I even learned a bit about cycling nutrition! These were huge deals this week. I feel good about them.

But I had an interesting moment last night, after the last workout. 
I was exhausted and in a little pain. We were discussing the next workout...which happened to be a 25 mile bike ride the next morning. Somewhere in the midst of the discussion, I decided to not do the ride. I made a decision about my body. I didn't let someone else decide for me. I said no. 

Big deal right? Heck yeah! Huge deal...FOR ME. Let me explain...I used to be a people pleaser. In times past, I would have sucked it up and went on the 25 mile make my tri coach...happy. I would have ignored the pain in my lower back that tells me that either my ham strings and/or hip flexors are in distress. I would have taken an anti-inflammatory med or pain killer so that I could push through the the pain...only to suffer later when they wore off. Nobody had to ask me to do this, I would do it all on my own. I would disregard...even disrespect my body/self to make em'...happy! 

But that was then...this is now.
I am done with that way of living. It just isn't in my best interest.
I know my body. I know where she has been. I respect her and her journey to this place. 
So, I choose to do what is best for me; what makes me...happy.

Much love!

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