#shelives: The New Years Manifesto!!!

I normally take a moment to reflect on the previous year, but I am just not feeling it today. 

I will just start from here...

I don't have any resolutions to make this year; no things that I must radically change about myself in January. I am however, thoughtful about how I plan to live my life going forward. The operative word here being...LIVE. I plan to enjoy more of my life, appreciate the experiences that God allows me to have, love all that I can, and laugh every chance that I get. I will be focused and intentional with my passion and service, giving only from my heart. And...I will take care of me as much as I have taken care of others. This is my manifesto! :-)

I have much living to do in 2015...and I encourage you to so the same. 

Much love!
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