I won't be controlled by the ugly: life is just too beautiful.

Racist rants...mass murder...wars...FEAR...FEAR...and more FEAR.

With so much negativity in the world right now, it is been hard not to get caught up in the crazy...to become a source of negativity...to succomb to the FEAR. 
Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but then I remember that my mind is my own. 
I don't have to accept all of the crap that is being spewed out by FEAR-mongers and hateful people. 

I choose what I think about...what I focus on...what I become.
I choose to turn my attentions to those things that are
lovely and admirable
worth praises and noble
the pure parts of my heart an this life. 

You won't control me.
not with your ugly or your fear.

Life is more beautiful that this and I chose to live the beautiful.

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