Pack, tribes, and clans: An ode to teamwork.

I love teams! I love #leading #teams...#building teams...and just being a part of the team. In 2013, I joined a triathlon team at my gym and spent the spring and summer learning to swim, run, and bike. It was great...mostly because I was on a team. Together we were able to accomplish great things. We looked out for each other, helped each other; encouraged each other. And while running a triathlon is a 'solo' activity our team trained hard together every day, working towards a common good and goal. Each person bringing their skills and passions to the effort. Mutual respect leading the way. But my love for teams isn't just about endurance sports or fitness. I also have had the chance to work on and even lead some amazing teams of people at my #daytoday. We work together to serve people and make their lives better. Sometimes we make sacrifices to do this work, but our focus is singular and full of hope. We leave the office each day hoping and believing that we have made someone’s life better and maybe more livable. We do this together. We are a team.

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