Still learning about myself...

When I was a little girl, I had this weird fascination with the #peacecorps infomercials. No matter what I was doing, I would stop in my tracks to watch the 20 minute clips. Stories of volunteers who were living in obscure places, trying to help people in need. They built bridges, taught school children, and dug ditches. I watched intently as they lived among the people. I listened to every story. I was enthralled. For a long time, I thought​ I was being called to the mission field to serve in this same way. But I recently had a revelation about this. Turns out that my fascination with the Peace corps commercials was not about being a missionary; it was about the stories. It was about the testimonies of the people. The voices being raised in behalf of people who could not speak for themselves, told through the lens of the volunteers. I am both thoughtful and excited about this revelation. What to do with it...well, I'm working on that. #storytelling

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