Did I do that? Getting what I asked for...I think.


These words are so true for my life. I prayed to God and asked for something better. I asked Him to help me transition from being a survivor to one who LIVES their life. But I didn't stop there, I went a step further. I prayed and told God that I wanted to THRIVE. Here is he lesson that I learned...in order to get more, have more, be more...I had to let go of LESS. No one wants to admit that they are comfortable with less. But it is an easy thing to do...since most of us are not aware that it is actually happening. It usually takes some type of revelation or observation by an external force to shake us out of it. I am thankful for those revelations. And now I am on my way to something better. Living my life day by day. I expect more for myself now. And this is a good thing.

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