self-care, self-worth, and being enough...

So I saw this post from @harvard_business_review this morning. It resonated with me, so I wanted to share with y’all.
As I have been working on self care, I have had to really assess what my goal is...what is the metric...what am I accomplishing...where is ‘there’. This week I had a moment when I realized that my “there” was some ethereal fantasy-like place that I really couldn’t describe. I could not say when was ‘enough’ had an epic come-apart. I cried out of frustration...and so many other reasons. It got deep for me. I mean what does ‘enough’ mean when it is the goal? And does the fact that it is my goal (even on a subconscious level) mean that I am not ‘enough’? Am I trying to become ‘enough’ through doing the work of self care?! More tears. That whole self worth thing tearing its head AGAIN. Thought I was done with that part. More tears. What if I can’t do it...ya know...become ‘enough’? This is where the FEAR shows up...followed by the #flightfightorfreeze. I tend to freeze...aka not start...aka think a lot about it...aka overprocess it...but no action. What a tangled web! It is such a struggle for me. But I keep reading this scripture, Colossians 2:9-10. It talks about us being ‘complete in him (Jesus)...”. Mulling over what it means to be ‘complete’...fulfilled...and dare I say...’enough’. I’m sitting with this one today and until it sticks. My motivation...I need it to be love for myself, not fear associated with chasing the elusive ‘enough’. 

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