I am a small-town girl with a heart for helping people. I am a servant by natural gifting and profession. Some would say that I am also a cause person; a champion of sorts. I am at my best when I know that the work that I am doing matters, that I am helping someone. I really have a heart for helping women and am devoted to talking about, shouting about, and shining the light on women's physical, emotional, and spiritual health issues.This plays out in a lot of different ways, from mentoring to public service, blogging, speaking, and writing books. I do all that I can.

I am also a woman of faith (Christian) and do my very best to live a principled life. I am by no means perfect, so I mess up on a pretty much daily basis. But I have learned that this life will be filled with opportunities for me to need God's grace and mercy. This helps me stay humble and not beat myself up too bad when I mess up.

My vision for DrTemeika.com is that it becomes a place for women to have real conversations about real issues that are affecting our lives.We are so much stronger together than we are apart, so this blog is a place for us to come together and testify, stand, and take care of each other. I'm at the beginning of this thing, so its a lot of trial and error. But I am not afraid of the process...anymore.

Thank you for spending a little time with me. I hope something said on DrTemeika.com inspires you.

Much love,

Dr. Temeika

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