"What Grown Women DO": Getting the GIRLS checked!

Well ladies, it is OFFICIAL...I scheduled my first mammogram today! 

Yep, I'm gonna get my "girls" (aka my breast, boobs, tatas, etc.) checked. 

I actually thought that it would be more difficult to get an appointment for a mammogram because I've heard stories of women struggling to do this. But, the process was pretty simple for me...probably because I have access to decent health insurance and breast cancer screening services. I made a call to my HMO and was scheduled in a matter of minutes. They asked a few questions, like "Are you pregnant or nursing?", "Do you have breast implants?", " Are you having any problems with your breast", "Have you ever had a mammogram?" and "Do you have a family history of breast cancer?". The questions were simple and easy to answer.
After the appointment was made they gave me a few simple instructions like, "Don't put any lotions or deodorants around the breast area or armpits" and "Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment to get prepped (e.g., clothes changed)". And then...it was done. No biggie!

The appointment scheduling process was easy enough, but boy did I go through a whole range of emotions during those few minutes on the phone!  At first, I was a anxious because I didn't really know what to expect. Afterwards however, I felt...empowered. You know...in that "I am woman hear me roar" kind of way. I had stared the "fear" monster in the face and taken the first steps. At least...that how it felt! We will see if it sticks!

What's next? Show up for the test...right? Well, I'm a little skiddish with these medical things, so I have to do a little more preparation than some folks. I want to know what to expect...you know...what is the procedure, what is the chance that it may hurt, and if so, how bad. 

And since, I'm not sure exactly what to expect for this first mammogram, I've been surfing the web looking for a little information about the procedure. From what I've read...it won't be comfortable (e.g., might hurt a little)...but it is relatively brief. I'm not too freaked out by this...because I am a woman...I've had a pap test and pelvic exam. As far as screening tests go, these are the Coup-De-Grace.

*awkward silence...to acknowledge this truth*

Anyway...I found this nice info-graphic that describes the steps for getting a mammogram. I think I will follow most of them! Hope you find it helpful. 

My appointment is scheduled for later this week, so I will follow up with you to let you know what it was like on Thursday. Until then...take care of yourselves ladies! 

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