"What Grown Women DO": Goals, struggles, and Iron Girls!

Check this out! I am a goal oriented chic. I set goals for myself all of the time...its how I roll. I have huge white boards with checklists; I develop vision boards for myself every few years. And...I meet my goals most of the time. When I don't set goals...things don't get done. My motto is, "No deadline, No deliverable!". 

In 2005, after winning a fitness challenge (and feeling pretty good about myself), I set a personal goal of completing the Iron Girl Triathlon by my 40th birthday. I was 33 years old. Running the Iron Girl meant more to me than merely being competitive; it meant that I was mentally and physically strong and healthy. 

Great goal right? Seven years is a reasonable time frame right? I thought so too! But, here I sit just a few days from my 40th birthday and I've not done the triathlon yet. UGH! This thing has been on my checklist for almost EIGHT years. The tiny part of me that is Type A (and I do mean tiny) is bugging-out because I haven't done this race yet. Bet you're wondering what happened... 

Well, over the last few years, I kinda struggled to stay healthy. I've experienced weight losses and gains, suffered a few major injuries, and eventually had to totally rethink my fitness goals. A few times, I even gave up my dream of being healthy at all.  

But y'all...after all of this I STILL want to be an Iron Girl!

So...a few months ago I joined a gym that has a triathlon coach and all of the resources that I need to get moving towards my goal. I have so much hard work ahead of me, but get this..."I know I am worth it".  

Competing in the Iron Girl Triathlon means investing in myself again; committing to a healthy lifestyle AGAIN and AGAIN...until it sticks. It means changing other health behaviors...like how I eat, sleep, and exercise, to whatever degree necessary to prepare my body and mind for the event! My body may try to resist and even test my resolve, BUT when I stay committed, I am unstoppable. I will become an Iron Girl in the near future...make not mistake about that. 

Ahhh...so what I didn't meet my Iron Girl Triathlon goal before my 40th birthday. I'm excited to still be on the path to competing in a future event. What else can I say. Sometimes...things happen. When they do, grown women adjust!

Love ya Ladies!

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