Heart Matters Blogimony: Slowly I Changed Inch by Inch...From Stroke Level to Normal

Transparency...when used appropriately is like a warriors blade. It cuts away at all of the foolishness that we  let ourselves use to hide from the truth. Truth is, many of us are struggling with health and body issues that will affect us as we age and mature. Some of us even tried ignoring them, but they have not gone away. 

Today's blogimony is transparent.  It comes from a dear friend, sister, and gifted author, Shawneda Marks. Her friends call her "Neda". Neda's is a story may shock you at first, but the ending is beautiful. It is a story of triumph and I am so honored to share this portion of it here.  

Shawneda's story:

That is my highest weight. 
Don't ask me how it happened, or why. 
Well you can, but I won't be able to articulate what happened, 
because I still am not quite sure.

That was it though. 
No diets, workout routines,
nothing seemed to help until the day at my daughter's day care. 

The nurses were trying to get another parent to take their blood pressure. 
I took mine to show them how easy it would be. 
The office went a little bananas.
my top number was in the 200s and my bottom number in the 100s.
Words like stroke, emergency room and doctor were thrown around. 

Three nurses were having a breakdown as I continued to answer the phones. 
Once they went through their paces, my prophetic boldness showed up.
Without being disrespectful I instructed them all to calm down. 
Being uninsured, going to the doctor was not an option. 
A decision was made and a prophetic declaration. 

Exercising became part of my lifestyle, again. 
Eating habits changed. 
Eighteen months later, while having my thyroid checked
the nurse looked baffled.
My weight said over 200 but my blood pressure read 120/80.
"You have perfect blood pressure."

The doctor told me.
"I don't know what you're doing, just don't stop."
I haven't and I won't. 
God gave me mercy and grace.
Slowly inch by inch ... my life changed.
With every inch, drop of sweat, good health decision, I changed. 
All of my other numbers were good, now my blood pressure matched. 

My blood pressure was due to stress, bad lifestyle habits and more stress. 
Changing how I coped with stressed impacted my health as much as 
changing how I ate and moved. 
Changing my lifestyle made my heart healthy.
Being healthy makes me happy.
It's a beautiful cycle. 

Take care of yourselves ladies...

Love you much, 

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