Body Image: The break up letter...

Dear Tanita (scale),
I need to talk to you about something really important....and no, it can't wait until later. We have to talk now. Just let me get it out.

After years of hanging out together...visiting you every morning and some evenings...I've decided to call it quits. We are growing apart. Don't be upset. Its not you...its me. This thing has be brewing inside me for about a year. I've be cheating on you. See...I'm in love with someone else.

Who? Well, His name is Strong and Healthy, but some call him Fit.
Don't cry...let me explain. I just figured it out today. Fit has been pursuing me for a long time. He would show up at boot camps and tough workouts to motivate me. Fit made me want to be a better me. When I hurt my back and was down for a while, I really missed Fit. I think I got a little depressed about not having him in my life. But, he's back now and I realized that I can't keep both of you...I don't want to. You...gotta go.
I know...I know! You and I have so much history. Yeah, we go...way back. You got me through my first boot camp. We even won the fitness challenge...losing 85 lbs. It was wonderful. I looked great in my clothes. But I was never really happy with myself because when I came home to only showed me how far away i was from perfection. But Fit..he always pushed me to love take care of myself because I loved me.
I get it. You were only doing what you have been made to do. Why did I expect more of you? I were a scale. You were created to be...a scale, not a counselor, companion, confidant, or coach. I put you in an impossible position. I actually expected you to make me...make me love this body of mine. *sigh*. I'm sorry. That was totally my mistake. I get it now. And so...I'm setting you free. Free to just be a scale. There will be no more early mornings dates or late night rendezvous.  Its over. We are finished...batteries removed from the scale.

*end of an era*

*...walking off into the sunset with my new boo, Fit*
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