Iron Girl 2013 Update: I've been getting punked.

Let's just start with the truth. My nice new road bike has been punking me...there I said it. Although I grew up riding bikes, and even once owned a 12-speed bicycle, my learning curve for bike riding in an endurance race is totally different. I have to admit that this has been the most intimidating part of my training. Yes...more intimidating than learning to swim. More intimidating than doing speed (running) workouts on the track.

I, like many other beginner triathletes made the mistake of thinking the the bike ride would be the easiest part. I mean...we grew up riding tough could it be? Well, I am learning that it is tougher than it looks. There is so much to learn (e.g., managing road traffic, stopping and starting, changing gears, etc.), that you can't really take it for granted. As I enter the last few weeks before My First Tri, I am facing the realities of where I am in my bike riding skills. I have a bit of work to do...some miles to log. I can't really put it off any much for procrastination! Wish me luck folks...

Love you much!
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