Soul-keeping 2013: End of the year close-out, step 1...GRATITUDE!

As the end of 2013 approaches, I am taking time to do some "Soul-keeping" aka house-keeping for my soul. In this process, I am prayerfully reviewing my year and my heart's contents for areas that need a little gussying-up.

Let me just say, 2013 has been a GREAT year for me so far.

I launched, learned to swim, ran a triathlon, fully excepted my ministry calling, and wrote a book (in process).

I lost some pounds and even got a glimpse at the food lifestyle (way of eating) that I have always wanted to can be done!

I signed up for a Mediterranean cruise, forgave some people fully, and ministered to single women at a women's conference (yeah...this one was a big deal...12 years in the making...#4real).

I learned so many valuable life lessons this year about everything from how communicate better to how to push through hardships and adversity without self-destructing.

I learned that I am actually stronger than I ever thought.

I learned how to take better care of me and how not to pervert or let my gift of giving be perverted by others.

I learned how to not "swoop" down like a mother goose to her goslings...and take on other people's stuff. Yep, I picked up a few boundaries. I learned how be a sister and a daughter...don't take this one for granted y'all...sometimes we get out of place and try to parent our siblings and parents. Not my job. Thank you Lord.

And most of all...

In 2013, I got a better glimpse of who I am...and I fully accept ME.

I have had a blessed year, and I am so thankful to God for it.

That's All for today...I mean why mess up God's shine by talking about other stuff!

Love you much,

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