Beast Mode: Is your stress managing you? Or are you managing your stress?

Yesterday, I hit the wall at work. I numbed out. I just...let go. I couldn't take it anymore. 
As I thought more about what happened I realized one thing. 

I am not built to live in Beast is unsustainable. 

And while society has taught and continues to teach us to live for achievement, to climb the corporate ladder, to go for the brass ring...
I am struck by the impact of this way of living on our health as a society and as women. 

Over the last 50 years, chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease have become common place. They are the norm and so are the super high stress levels that we seem to operate under because we equate stress with hard work and money/success.

but make no mistake, this lifestyle is costing us something.
Beast mode comes with stress...lots of it
The stress of living in "beast mode" might be killing us.

Our bodies response to "beast mode" is to dump chemicals and hormones into our systems to help us fight or run. These chemicals help us stay hyped up and respond to the stress.
They are great for short periods of time...
...but, they can cause health problems if used too long.

Over the last few months, my "beast mode" has been in over-drive!
I've gained weight, loss sleep, and felt generally unhealthy and cranky most of the time. am kind over it...
over the stress and the drama of "beast mode"
over having my stress manage me, instead of managing my stress. 

I have some serious decisions to make; 
some things to work on; 
and I am ready to run.

Love you much!

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