I am #testifying today!!

        I know the power of a personal testimony and its ability to change lives. Nearly twenty years ago, my dear friend Evelyn shared hers with me. I was in such a low place, depressed and alone. Her story was one of victory and hope...it gave the the strength to live. Life has a way of assuring that we all have a story to tell, maybe even a testimony of overcoming hardship, illness, or pain.
     Our testimonies are usually built over time and thru lots of challenges and trials. If we are lucky, our trials teach and mature us. They grow our faith, our ability to endure, and our capacity to persevere in spite of challenges. But they also create in us power to change lives; the power to encourage others. I am not an advocate for enduring pain or suffering...just so that you can help someone else. I am no martyr. I have a strong sense of self-preservation. I went thru, so that I could get through. But...I do believe that the pain that was endured, the suffering that was overcome, and the hardship that was survived can be used in a powerful way to help others endure, overcome, and survive.
    Those of us who have made it through these hard times have the opportunity to change the life of someone else...by sharing our story with them. In doing so, we put to shame the thoughts that it cannot be done, that no one ever makes it through 'this', and the mis-perceptions that 'I am the only one who has experienced this'. We stand as living examples that life is possible...that they can make it through...and that they are NOT alone. This is our witness...our story...our testimony. And so, I testify and invite you to do the same. Think about it.

Love you much,

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