Bloom where you are planted...

One of my greatest challenges in this life has been my constant pursuit of life's mission. I have spent a lot of time (a LOT) looking at my life and trying to figure out what I should be doing in this world. At times, I have been obsessed with this pursuit. Compulsive even. I would often become overwhelmed with feelings of failure because I didn't think that I was living my purpose. In the midst of all of this obsessive behavior however, I was actually doing some pretty cool work and ministry. I was serving in ways and places that some only imagine. 

The only thing that could have made it better...was if I had actually enjoyed it. 

See, I had actually been too caught up in the pursuit of purpose to see that I was actually living it; serving the people. I was missing the opportunity to bloom where I was planted. I was missing the opportunity to enjoy my life and the opportunities that were afforded to me. Hind sight is certainly 20/20 so I don't really beat myself up too much about this. I've since realized the error in my thinking and am making the change. 

Definitely blooming...and enjoying it. 
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