#shelives: Not waiting for it anymore.

I spent the last month 'planning' to go to the gym. I packed my gym bag and put it in car at the start of the month. Then, I waited for he perfect conditions to go to the gym. I waited for the moment when I didn't have anything else to do; the morning after I got enough sleep; or the moment when work was at a lull. It's been 26 days and I am still waiting for my moment. 

I tried to figure out what happened. How did an entire month pass without my setting foot in the gym? What happened to my moment? 

Reality check...there is no such moment; no perfect time to go to the gym for me.  This perfection is an illusion. It was a figment of my imagination and the companion of my procrastination. 

Lesson for today: I choose the moments, I don't wait for them to happen. 

And so I begin again. It's the top of the month and my bags are packed for the gym. And I am ready to choose my moment. I will update you at the end of March on how it goes. Wish me luck y'all! 

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