#allmyheart2015: Sometimes itestify because truth sets my heart free...

This quote spoke to me when I saw it for the first time. We live in a time and culture that is focused on the pursuit of success and sometimes perfection. We strive to achieve in every area of our lives, silently competing with the person in the next lane, our friends, and even our enemies. We often define our own success by looking at what another person has accomplished; what we read in magazines about their lives; how affluent or popular they have become. We aspire to be them, but in our own skin. We long for what they have and set our lives up in ways that we think will help us become...successful. Maybe you don't do this, but a lot of us do. 

We essentially look outside of ourselves to figure out our goals and then...we measure our progress against somebody else's outcome. We don't always think about what it cost them or how long it took for them to get to their "there".

I personally struggled with this for a long time because I measured my own progress by the achievements of those around me. I am surrounded by high achievers and...I am competitive. So...I struggled when I perceived myself to be behind or not as far along as my peers. "I should be there by now", was a common thought that ran through my head. I beat myself up for not being "there'' yet. 

I didn't trust the timing of my life. I trusted the timing of the lives of my peers. 

But, I've changed and I think you can too. The reality of it all is that we are individuals, each experiencing life differently. Each having a process that we are working through. We were set on this earth with a specific purpose for our lives. How and when we get there is affected by so many different things, so it is almost impossible for us all to be moving through this life at exactly the same time and pace as another person. 

The goal is not to keep up, it is to keep moving forward towards your own goals. 

Pacing your life based on "their" clock is an exercise in frustration. Run your own race. Keep moving and trust the timing of YOUR life.

Love you much,

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