#itstaboo: In the raw but I ain't shame.

Four years ago I recorded the video on my iPad. It was the first video that I had ever done. I am not quite sure why I actually did the video, but I am pretty sure I didn't have any intention on sharing it with you. And even now, I am not sure that its the right thing to do. But here you go...

I was in the process of climbing out of, what I am pretty sure was depression. I am a doctor...but not a psychologist, so this is my non-clinical self-diagnosis. I battled with bouts of heaviness and despair for years. They were so normal to me that I thought everyone went through this...so I never thought to get help or talk about it. I suffered. But now...I know better. I don't have to suffer anymore, there is help for depression...whether its meds, therapy, or other kinds of support. 

If you are struggling with something that seems like depression or is just overwhelming, don't struggle alone. Reach out for help. If you don't feel comfortable talking to folks around you, there are confidential services out there like the United Way's 2-1-1 Hotline. Give them a call and talk to them about how you are feeling and where you can get help. You can also talk to a doctor or nurse about this issue. They should be able to direct you to the right supports. 

Remember, there is no shame in needing help. 
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