I started DrTemeika.com with the intention of writing uplifting content that would encourage women, give them a place to speak, and tell great stories of women's health and empowerment.

I've done this for the most part...told some great stories about women facing breast cancer, heart conditions, hypertension, and other health issues. In between, I ran a triathlon, faced some of my issues with body image, and shared my own story about my struggles with anxiety/depression. I've sort of grown up a bit on this blog. It has given me a place to both be helpful & share some of my deepest thoughts. 

But somewhere along the journey, I hit a wall. I started feeling like I didn't have anything 'good' to say, so I stopped saying...anything. I kind of stopped blogging and working on my book. I climbed into the internal conversation that was happening in my head. I've had millions of thoughts, but didn't put any of those words to paper because...they weren't 'good'.

They didn't 'feel' good to me and I assumed that they would not be good for anyone else. I didn't think it would be good for 'the cause'...women's health.

I was wrong. 

...it is 'good' for us women to be able to engage and talk about 'all' of the issues that we face. This includes both the comfortable and the stuff that makes us cringe, rage, and weep. 

...it is 'good' for us to be our whole selves, not just the parts that make us or others 'feel good'. Our wholeness is 'good' all by itself.  

But more than these reasons, I was wrong because I forgot that I was part of 'the cause'. I can't really talk about or be about championing 'the cause'  of women's health without doing it for myself...first. 

I am the cause. 

I am my sister who is facing health issues and sometimes crises. I am my sister who is overcoming obstacles and being empowered to empower others. 

The cause starts with me...

So...with this understanding, I make this commitment to 'the cause'. 

I will live wholly. I will speak boldly. I will be 'the cause', embracing all that it means. I will live it for myself. 

I encourage you to be the same. 

Much Love, 

Dr. Temeika

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