That time the dog chased me down the street: Moving forward in 2017

When I was a little girl, one of my neighbors had a giant German shepherd that he let run off leash. I guess he was a guard dog. But in true big dog form, this one was territorial and claimed a third of our street as his yard. My friends lived just a few doors down from #thedog and the fastest way to their house, was past him. He was known for chasing kids on bikes. Barking loudly and making a big scene...I assume for his owner. I was afraid of him. Every kid in the neighborhood was afraid of #thedog. For years, I was too afraid of to ride my bike past his house.

One day I got up the nerve to do it. I was going past #thedog.

Half way down the street, I saw him. He was standing at the edge of his yard, waiting for me. This was the point that fear would usually take over and I would turn my 10-speed around and go home. But, this time was different.

I started pedaling as fast as I could. #thedog did his usual thing; barked loudly and ran into the street. It was me against him and neither of us was backing down. I was scared to death, but determined. As I raced passed his house, #thedog ran alongside my bike, barking, certainly close enough to bite. But then he turned back, leaving me to coast the rest of the way down the street alone.

I arrived at my friends house shaking and in tears, but I had faced my fear.

We all have somewhere that we are trying to get to in life. The road to those places may be filled with fears and things that we will have to face. While we often look for workarounds to get us to that place, the best way is through the road blocked by fear. Those fears may be founded in past experience or just perceptions. No matter which, they have to be faced if we are to reach our goals. Let’s go on through it y’all. We have things to do. Lives to change. Hopes to fulfill.
I’m going in. I’m going through. Pain, tears, grief and all....on the way to freedom.

Forward 2017
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