Being grown...or forty-something.

I am grown.
I've got gray hair...more that I want to admit.
I moved out of my Mamma's house at 18;
...been on my own for more than 25 years. 
...been independent long enough to make both youthful mistakes and old ones too. 
I have bounced back from some tough knocks in life. 
Some considered me wise and cautious, but much of the time I was just scared.
I am grown,
but I really didn't start feeling like it until i turned forty-something.  
Forty-something, that's when my vision started changing and I purchased my first pair of reading glasses; 
Forty-something, that when I realized that I could no longer stay up all night and do ANYTHING else the next day;
Forty-something, when my mindset about almost everything changed;
I was forty-something, when I became totally okay with me...
And I'm good with that.

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