Its a throwback!

Throwback to my #gospelchoir days. I was serious about it y'all!!!😂 I was actually serious about EVERYTHANG! But it was the beginning of my new life as a Christian and an independent adult and I wanted to be #perfect at both. It's been nearly 20 years since someone snapped this picture of me. I've grown up a bit and certainly have lightened up. I've figured out that this wild pursuit of perfection was costing me more than I wanted or needed to pay. I have learned that today is what really matters because yesterday won't be changed and tomorrow has its own problems. I try to live in and enjoy my moments. Be present. Laugh often. Love through my fears. And just enjoy this life. I'm still serious about my faith. But I know that the only thing that God truly requires of me is love. It is my motivation and my inspiration. So on this new day, I am setting out with one Gonna love God, myself, and some people along the way. Happy Today y'all! #drtemeika #love #churchgirl #free #hope #grace #operationlovethreeways #freshstart #reset

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