Do you know your why? Because I'm just figuring it out...

For the second time in a week, I’ve been confronted with questions about my motivation for #selfcare. 

I had been telling myself that I was doing it #forme and as an act of #selflove. 

Sounds good right? I thinks so too. 

And yet it is only partially true. 

I can’t lie to y’all or myself anymore about the real motivation to take care of myself. 

It is #fear. 

I'm scared of getting sick and maybe dying early. 

The truth came out today while talking to someone about being tired of having to work so hard to care for myself and wondering when this would end and when I could stop...and be
like everyone else. 😶 

I’ve been feeling like I was racing against the clock...trying to fix my body, mind, spirit, money, and house! 

Running because I’ve been afraid. 

Fear has been my #why. 

And I am exhausted from trying to pretend like it wasn’t running me. 

But I’m here now. 

Ready to do this thing differently. 

Gonna go talk with God about and let Him teach me the new way. 

The way to lead myself with LOVE and move forward #fearlessly. 

Cause #love don’t run out. 

Love is the opposite of fear... 

Love is my motivation. 

Much love, 

Dr. Temeika
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